Holocaust Memorial Day 2014


‘Holocaust Memorial Day falls on 27 January. It's a day when the world pauses to remember the millions of people who were murdered in the Holocaust, under Nazi persecution, as well as millions more who have died in subsequent genocides’.

I won the adult category in the ‘Drawing Inspiration’ art competition organised by HMD. I was invited to attend the UK event in London at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

The work ‘Shapes in the Distance’ (shown) alongside other entries was displayed on screens. I included the following with my entry.

‘As long as we observe genocide and its effects from afar, the reality of the horror will remain a comforting abstraction to us. The image portrays a movement of people on the landscape but because we keep our distance, we cannot see clearly what is happening – just shapes in the distance, barely recognisable as human. The abstraction of the human figures and ink effects is an attempt to try to express the unimaginable suffering that occurred. The figures are also abstracted so that they represent people from all genocides. Lastly, the real point behind the work is the question – by not getting nearer to the situation and seeing more clearly what is happening, are we helping it to continue?  In this modern day, there is no such excuse as ‘we didn’t know.’